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While the FFH appreciates direct donations and sponsorships, we are fortunate that there are many new and innovative ways for families to donate to the FFH without impacting their finances.  

These options include signing up for websites that pay a % of your spending directly to the FFH after each transaction, with no cost passed on to you.  Similarly, some companies offer Matchfunding programs or allow staff to donate their time at the school while on full pay. 




Please sign up for easy fundraising and choose FFH as your charity when shopping with online retailers.  Each time you shop with these retailers, a percentage (average 5%) of your total spend will be redirected, straight to the FFH's bank account. ​ Retailers in this program include, eBay, Hello Fresh, Dunelm, Boots and more!​



Gift Aid allows UK charities like the FFH to claim back the basic rate tax already paid by you on donated goods. This means the FFH can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated.   This boosts the value of your donation by a quarter. Yet, it doesn’t cost you anything!


Nectar Donate

Nectar has partnered with Crowdfunder, the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform, to give families the opportunity to donate some of their Nectar points to the FFH. ​


It’s quick and easy to donate; there are no hidden fees.


Match Funding

Match funding is a fantastic scheme whereby employers fund organisations such as schools.

It is a very simple and easy means of extra funding. As an employee, it doesn’t cost you anything, only the time you spend volunteering at an event.  That time spent can translate into hundreds of pounds of extra money for FFH, which directly benefits our children.


In many cases, it is as simple as approaching your HR department and finding out about their scheme (the name of the scheme may differ depending on the company) and then contacting us to finalise the arrangements

Companies that use the scheme include Argos, Boots, KPMG, HSBC and more.



We often seek sponsors for our more significant events, including Highfest, the Highfields Ball and other family events.  

Sponsorship opportunities include branding at events, branding on the FFH website, branding on our social media presence, the inclusion of product information in event gift bags and more.


If you are interested in sponsoring an event, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the package opportunities.


Uniform Shop

The FFH operate a Second Hand Uniform shop on-site at Highfields Independent School and Day Nursery.

All uniform pieces including school bags, rucksacks and other school branded items are stored and refreshed for purchase for new and existing students.

Any school uniform donations not sold in the shop, are recycled through the bags-2-school program to ensure they don't end up in landfill.

Please donate tp and purchase from the Second Hand Uniform shop.


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