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Highfields School Bus

We plan to raise enough funds to buy a replacement school bus for Highfields in the 2023/2024 school year.  We will need to raise around £28,000 in total.

So far we have raised £15,000 already and expect to make a further £5,000 when we trade in the existing school bus, leaving us only £8,000 to fundraise before we reach our target.

£15,000 + £5,000 + £8,000 = £28,000

We have a school bus already, why do we need a new one?

The current Highfields school bus can only be driven by a person with a Certificate D1 license.  Less than 5 school current staff hold D1 licenses and these are mostly older and more senior staff.  Today, we want a school bus all teachers with a  full category B (car) driving licence can drive.  The current arrangement can be frustrating for the teachers and sports planners as senior staff must be scheduled to act as drivers.  More drivers means more away days, sports events and excursions for our children.

Why can't the teachers get Certificate D1 licenses?

One of the reasons that most of the older staff have Certificate D1 licenses is that until 1997 the additional accreditation was included with a standard driving license.  This stopped after 1997.

Today, adding a Certificate D1 license costs some £2,000 per person with additional requirements for school use. Steps include a medical, theory test, driving course and practical test.  The time and financial investment in the Certificate D1 license is very high for a small school like Highfields. 

What will you do with the old bus?

The old school bus will be traded in when we purchase the new school bus.  Its value will go towards the overall purchase price of the school bus.  Mrs Lyons is currently having it valued, so we can confirm the contribution which will be deducted from the overall target of £28,000.  We are hoping for £5,000+ as a trade-in value.

Which bus will you buy?

At this stage, we are looking at the market to see the best bus, make and model that would suit Highfields and require only a full category B (car) driving licence to drive.  We have only just begun this process, so any thoughts or contacts parents and families might have would be very much appreciated.  We would welcome a deal!!

Will the new bus seat more pupils?

No, the new bus will again seat a maximum of 16 people as that is the maximum amount for it to be driven under a full category B (car) driving licence.

Can we keep both buses?

No, the school cannot afford to keep two buses on the road with existing budgets.

What can we do to help make this happen?

With only £8,000 left to fundraise, the new school bus isn't very far away!  If you or your business would consider making donations towards the school bus, we can get there a little quicker.  All business donations come with tax deductions and we are currently working with Gift Aid to enhance all personal donations too.  If you have any ideas to help us fund this last stretch for the school bus, your suggestions would be most welcome!

How much money have you raised so far?

To date, we have raised £15,000.  We anticipate the existing school bus will be worth £5,000 at trade-in leaving us a further £8,000 to raise.

£15,000 + £5,000 + £8,000 = £28,000

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